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24 June 2011 @ 04:55 pm
Some people want it all, but I don't.  
It's only day 3 of my freedom and I'm already bored. I think my summer is pretty much gonna consist of working, sleeping, reading and watching tv. Oh god.

I wanna get a film camera and do some shooting but I wanna develop my self and print it my self and the only place to do that is really college and I don't think I can go in since I think it's technically closed? Film cameras are fun. Shooting in Brighton would be fun me thinks.

Speaking of Brighton, I went in yesterday (for the first time in AGES, excluding monday) and spent waay too much. And also realised that I should buy a lot of books from charity shops since it would be so much easier and cheaper as well. Almost bought In Her Shoes but I really shouldn't. I probably will. I got the new Bon Iver cd (+ a poster which came free with it. side note: tripped flat on my face as soon as I got into the shop), Fight Club, Sarah Silverman's biography (which is really good and I think she is my new girl hero) and The Reader. And went to watch Bad Teacher. I love Jason Segel in it and he has some of the best lines but I'm not a big fan of Cameron Diaz. Something about her just doesn't agree with me. It is a funny film though. Want to watch Bridesmaids soon as well cos it looks hilarious and I heard it's good.

Watching Woman in Black on monday! So freaked out cos it's meant to be really scary. Gonna crap myself.

Oh. And got my bike back and am starting exercising. Did 40 minutes yesterday and omg I am really unhealthy.
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