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05 January 2012 @ 05:14 pm
It's been aaggess since I posted and the reason I am posting now is because of procrastination. I am very lazy.

Since my last post a lot has happened. Uni mainly. Not gonna lie but atm, it's not been up to the hype. Yeah I have met some great people but it still feels a bit poop. And being miles away from home doesn't really help. My course is really good and I am really enjoying it. Photography for the win. Started end of Sept and I've had two projects so far (currently not doing one cos it's SOOOO boring and I really don't like it). 

You can see my flickr for some work http://flickr.com/photos/esocentric
There isn't a lot of work up atm and most of it's old apart from the first page or two. I'm gonna be (hopefully) adding more stuff soon. So yeah. I have about 3 weeks off before I start lectures again so hopefully I'll be doing some shoots.

I was meant to go see Childish Gambino on the 25th but I'm not anymore and I am SO SO SO SO SO gutted that I don't get to go. Like, quite upset. Which is kinda sad. But it was going to be my first gig. And I was REALLLLYYY looking forward to it. But it's not happening anymore. /depressed.

Uni was really good the first 2 weeks. I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST KISS. It was really good but then it got really shit cos the guy says he doesn't remember cos he was too drunk. But then when he was drunk again, he said he did. Iunno. Given up. LALALALLALALALA.
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06 August 2011 @ 02:45 am
TADA. I am still bored as hell. But some minor improvements:

1) I bought a film camera off eBay in the end and am quite content with it. It has a few scratches on it and is slightly scuffed but I can live with that. Developing film as we speak and can I just say, don't ever ever wind the film to the end cos it's a bitch to get out of the canister. It may sound stupid but I spent 10 minutes trying to get that thing open. Baring in mind it should take less than a minute, it was fucking frustrating. I am happy to say that this isn't the first time I've developed film at home but there are parts that went worse but overall, it was more easy. I am waiting to print them but it's a pain cos I have to wait till my old college is done so that I can get it done. Hopefully. I did go photographing in Brighton and it was actually really fun although at times it was a bit weird but

2) I quit my job. Yes, I no longer work for Waterstones. I am both happy and sad, but after a while, it felt really poop and I didn't enjoy working there as much as I did when I started. I really liked my colleagues but meh. I quit a week ago and I'm already needing more money. I did however, find another temp job so I'm working in offices for 3 weeks ish. It pays, so I'm happy. We had a work meal yesterday and that was fun/awkward. Like really weird at times. It was fun meeting up with everyone and having laughs and whatnot. Towards the end, the assistant manager and 2 of the staff was already quite drunk so the assistant manager decided to play a game of where do you see yourself in 10 years. God that was so not fun, I was like "err... I hope to be travelling with my photography? Realistically: in a ditch somewhere" though they think that I will end up in a bedsit with Naomi and drinking whisky. All good I guess. But I walked back with the assistant manager and Ed (the really tall guy) to the station but we had to stop off at another colleague's house so that she could get her shoes from her car so it took AAAGGES. It was so awkward because I just wanted to go back home! And they were all omg winnie you're so guarded blah blah blah. It was not fun.

On a more boring note: I finished watching City Hall which I could never get into a few years back but thought I would try it again just because it's meant to be good. I thought it was okay and I loved the chemistry between Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. I loved his character too! Such a sucker for the he's a dick but is actually quite caring character. There was parts which I thought were stupid, like Kim Sun Ah's character cries way too much throughout the whole thing but there were also parts which I thought were really sad and actually made me cry, like the bit with the water guy and the bike. It was a sweet drama and although I am a sucker for romantic dramas, I also hate them at the same time. It's complicated.

I want to go to Brighton and do more stuff! And also when I go to Japan, I want to bring my film camera with me... Digital and film have their different pros and cons. I love both!

Can't think of anything else so ...........
24 June 2011 @ 04:55 pm
It's only day 3 of my freedom and I'm already bored. I think my summer is pretty much gonna consist of working, sleeping, reading and watching tv. Oh god.

I wanna get a film camera and do some shooting but I wanna develop my self and print it my self and the only place to do that is really college and I don't think I can go in since I think it's technically closed? Film cameras are fun. Shooting in Brighton would be fun me thinks.

Speaking of Brighton, I went in yesterday (for the first time in AGES, excluding monday) and spent waay too much. And also realised that I should buy a lot of books from charity shops since it would be so much easier and cheaper as well. Almost bought In Her Shoes but I really shouldn't. I probably will. I got the new Bon Iver cd (+ a poster which came free with it. side note: tripped flat on my face as soon as I got into the shop), Fight Club, Sarah Silverman's biography (which is really good and I think she is my new girl hero) and The Reader. And went to watch Bad Teacher. I love Jason Segel in it and he has some of the best lines but I'm not a big fan of Cameron Diaz. Something about her just doesn't agree with me. It is a funny film though. Want to watch Bridesmaids soon as well cos it looks hilarious and I heard it's good.

Watching Woman in Black on monday! So freaked out cos it's meant to be really scary. Gonna crap myself.

Oh. And got my bike back and am starting exercising. Did 40 minutes yesterday and omg I am really unhealthy.
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03 March 2008 @ 03:15 pm

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